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The Rancho Santa Fe Neighborhood

The warm sunlight that dances across the rolling hills and through the rows of towering eucalyptus trees is your first hint that Rancho Santa Fe is a place rich in history, romance, and character. It is a village that lives at a quiet and relaxed pace, where the architectural vision of a gifted young architect named Lillian Rice in 1922 gave shape to the dream of creating an environment of simplicity and rural beauty.

Only minutes from Cielo, the Village of Rancho Santa Fe, with its authentic Spanish Revival style, is a quiet oasis of quaint boutiques, upscale restaurants and hotels that gently blend into the eucalyptus groves surrounding the town.

The Village continues to be a place where gorgeous natural landscapes and the gently broken topography provide residents and visitors a place of comfort, inspiration, and renewal.

Cielo village

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